Cartier Price Increase May 2022 – Switzerland, USA, Worldwide

Cartier is increasing its prices in May 2022 and here is the scoop of what I have found out so far. So far these are rumours that people have shared in Facebook groups and Instagram so take it with a pinch of salt but it should help you plan accordingly.

Cartier Price Increase to happen in Switzerland

It should be happening in Switzerland in CHF around 9 May 2022. If you are planning on going shopping in Switzerland around this time, try and pick up some Cartier items before the 9 May 2022.

Cartier Price Increase to happen in the US

There is conflicting information about the US market. It may happen on the 9 May or the 16 May according to Facebook groups. Check with your SA and see when the USD price increase is happening exactly.

This price increase will be worldwide as well so that is something to note. Let’s wait for the 9 May 2022 to see what happens in the Cartier Price increase world.

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