Chanel 22A Bags, Accessories & Jewellery: Everything you need to know about Chanel 22A

Chanel 22A is here – Here is what you need to know about Chanel 22A

Chanel 22A (Metiers d’Art) collection is coming and I have all the tea and scoops for you. Image credits go to songsenkei & shop with crystals on IG with wishlistsaudi. This is what you need to know about the Chanel 22A collection:

  • June 2022 launch – early June
  • No price increases known as of yet

Chanel 22A Bags + Troll Pieces

chanel 22a

chanel 22a bags slgs

chanel 22a bags

Chanel 22A Costume Jewellery


chanel 22a earrings

chanel 22a

What do you think of the Chanel 22A collection so far? I covered some ground on my video but I wanted to share my best choices for here as well. I think Chanel 22A has a melancholic, autumnal look to it and I think that is always meant to be the point of the collection. So far, I like the RTW, accessories, bags and costume jewellery – I am sure this Metiers d’Art collection will be successful for Chanel as usual. What items did you like the most from Chanel?

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