3 Beautiful Lady Dior Bags For 2022

I have been getting back into Christian Dior bags lately. I love how the Dior hardware looks for 2022 and I also love how they separate the hardware as well. I wanted to share some of my favourite Lady Dior bags for 2022. Full image credits go to their owners. I would love to know what you think of these Lady Dior bags. Do you think it’s worth buying a Lady Dior?

1 – Grey Lady Dior

grey lady dior

Image: @alicefashionland via @community_dior

2 – Green Lady Dior

green lady dior and green book tote

Image: @ms_bs_bags via @community_dior

3 – So Black Lady Dior

so black hardware on lady dior bag

Image: @sarahdenizz via @community_dior

One of the biggest critiques about Lady Dior bags is they don’t have their ‘value’. I don’t believe in resale value for bags. I think they are meant to be used and enjoyed. I am also liking the look of Dior’s exotics and I think they are well priced compared to other brands such as Fendi or Hermes.

What do you think of these Lady Dior bags for 2022? Let me know!

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