Chanel 22A Pink Colours Palette ~ The prettiest pinks you will see this year!

Chanel 22A Pink Colour Palette! Pretty in Pink – Stunning Pink Colours from Chanel

You will love these new pink colourways from Chanel aka Big C. I wanted to show you a few new pink bags that are coming for Chanel 22A.

chanel 22a hot pinks

Colour Codes

*Dark Pink: NI684

*Light Pink: NI681 – comes in Clutch with Chain

*Pink: NI682 – comes in Mini Vanity with TH

*Pink II: NI683 – comes in Boy Minaudiere

Which ones are your favourite? I am loving so many of the new pink bags coming for 22A. Pink is my favourite colour so this is of no surprise of course. I would love to know what you think of these pink bags in detail.

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