Chanel 22A Price List: Chanel 22A Prices in USD & EUR

Chanel 22A Price List

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This post has selected EUR and USD prices for new Chanel 22A products launching in June 2022. Image credits to lvcclux and shop with crystals.

Chanel 22A Euro Prices ~ Selected Items

(No pictures included as we don’t tend to share everything so we don’t get in trouble with Big C)

*Clutch with Chain (looks like Pearl Crush) €3,000 EUR. Colours include Dark Pink,  Black, White, Burgundy and other colours. Caviar.

*Mini Vanity with Top Handle €2,900 EUR. Colours include Light Pink, Dark Pink, Black and Yellow. Lambskin.

*Small Vanity with Chain €2,100 EUR. Colours include Black, Pink, Dark Pink, Purple and Green amongst others. Lambskin.

*Classic Pouch €620 EUR. Colours include Pink, Dark Pink and Black. Caviar.

*Mini Flap Bag €5,000 EUR. Colours include Burgundy, Purple and Green. Calfskin.

*Mini Bowling Bag (looks like Papillon) €4,100 EUR. Colours include White, Black, Red. Lambskin.

*Embellished Clutch (has enamel and a lot of embellishments check my video) €16,000 EUR.

*Large Bowling Bag €5,100 EUR. Colours include Navy Blue and Black. Calfskin.

*Large Shearling Embroidered Bag with White & Black Colourway. €5,900 EUR.

*Maxi Coco Handle €5,500 EUR. Colours include Black and Pink. Caviar.

*Duma Backpack €4,300 EUR. Colours include Pink, Green and Black and other shades. Lambskin.

*Small Vanity Case €4,500 EUR. Colours include Pink and Green. Lambskin.

Large Chanel 19 €5,400 EUR. Colours include Black, Pink, Burgundy, Yellow and Grey. Lambskin.

Chanel 22A USD Prices ~ Selected Items

Here is just a selection of USD prices. I mentioned a lot more on my YouTube channel called Haya Glamazon, you can find me there if you want to see more of the USD prices.

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