Cartier Price Increase – New Cartier Prices For Euros are here

Here is the price list comparing the Cartier prices before 9 May 2022 increase and the new prices after. I created and compiled this list myself – please feel free to repost just credit me if you are using the list so I know where my content is shared!

New Cartier Prices in Euros After 9 May 2022 Increase

*JUC Single Earring – €880, New €930

*Love Single Earring – €880, New €930

*XS D’amour RG Earrings – €1,070 per pair – No change

*Love Earrings – €1,920, New €2,020

*Love Single Earring with Diamonds – €1,890, New €1,990

*JUC Small Bracelet YG – €3,350, New €3,500

*JUC Small Bracelet with Diamonds YG – €4,700, New €4,900

*JUC Bracelet YG – €7,400, New €7,750

*JUC YG with diamonds pave – €47,700, New €50,500

*JUC WG with diamonds pave – €84,500, New €89,000

*Love Bracelet YG – €6,800, New €7,150

*Love Small Bracelet YG with diamonds – €6,500, New €6,800

*Love Small Bracelet YG – €4,400, New €4,650

*Love Pave Small Bracelet RG – €27,000, New €28,400

*Love Pave Bracelet YG – €43,800, New €46,000

What do you think of these new Cartier prices? It’s interesting seeing the more expensive fine jewellery acting as a buffer essentially for the more affordable fine jewellery. I am so curious to know how this new increase will be received. It’s not that expensive compared to other increases from other brands however it is still an increase none the less.

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