Louis Vuitton Spring 2023 Leather Colours

New Louis Vuitton Spring ’23 Leather Colours

LV released a bunch of new Spring ’23 leather colours in lambskin and exotic leather. Here are some swatches and pictures just in case you are interested:

Coquelicot Red – a true tomato red with pink and beige inserts on the Monogram symbols

Beige Creme – this is a warm vanilla colourway with beige and white inserts

rose miami - bright pink

Rose Miami – vibrant fuchsia hot pink


Parme – light pastel violet

Grey – neutral smokey grey

rose calypso mini capucines

Rose Calypso – pastel pink in ostrich

What do you think of some of these new Spring 2023 colours from LV? I’d love to know your thought.

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