Paris Luxury Shopping Tips 2023 For Tourists

Paris Luxury Shopping Tips 2023

a picture of the eiffel tower from my february 2023 trip to paris

The Eiffel Tower – a picture I took on my previous trip to Paris in February ’23

Follow these luxury shopping tips for Paris luxury shopping and shopping in Europe to ensure good treatment and a good experience in stores. Lots more tips are in my video on my YouTube channel but here is an excerpt of top tips to follow:

  1. Respect the culture of the country you are in: As a tourist shopping at boutiques in different European cities and countries, respect the culture you are in and don’t expect people to change for you.
  2. Say hello in the language of the place you are in: It’s poor form to expect everyone to greet you in English. If in Paris, say Bonjour at the minimum before speaking English.
  3. Don’t show items from your phone in store: SAs think you are a reseller if you do this or believe you can’t be upsold other things.
  4. Start with the most expensive item first: Mention you are looking to buy X which should be the most expensive item on your shopping list then work your way down.
  5. Be direct and say what you will buy off the bat: When you walk in, be clear that you are looking to BUY XYZ today and say it specifically like that in order to get an SA to treat you better. The Paris boutiques get lots of people who browse so it’s important to be clear you are buying.
  6. Don’t browse at busy flagship boutiques unless it’s a Saturday: I noticed busy standalone stores tend to ignore browsers so I wouldn’t browse unless I was buying at a flagship unless you go on Saturday. The flagships that I found are receptive to browsers are Big H’s on the Rue St Honore and YSL’s mothership boutique on the same road. I found LV’s standalone stores hard to browse in if you are not buying – same goes for Chanel from all my research.
  7. Dress the part: The reality is, the best dressed clients get the best customer service at many boutiques in European cities. It is what it is. Look your best.

What did you think of these tips? I have way more in my video that you can watch here.

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