Best Luxury Sunglasses To Buy Now – Gucci & Cartier

Best Luxury Sunglasses to Buy in July 2023

Gucci & Cartier have a bunch of glamorous luxury sunglasses that you can buy. I picked a few that I liked and I thought you might like the look of. Here they are. Tell me which ones you like and why!


1 – Gucci Hexagon sunglassesGet them here

2 – Gucci Oversized sunglassesGet them here

3 – Cartier Premiere de Cartier sunglasses (Men’s) – Get them here

4 – Gucci monogram sunglassesGet them here

5 – Cartier Panthere de Cartier ShadesGet them here

What do you think of these luxury sunglasses? I will find more to share with you in August but these are some of the models I liked. My current collection includes Versace and Dior. I think the Dior ones are slightly uncomfortable though so I plan to get them adjusted so they are more comfortable to wear day to day.

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