Chanel 23K Preview ~ New Chanel 23K Bags & Chanel 23K Release Date

Chanel 23K is on the way. I have the US release date information and pictures. What do you think of Chanel 23K? It looks very robust to me and I think it will be a successful collection. I think the Chanel Kelly bag will be very popular with clients.

chanel 23k

Chanel Kelly from Chanel 23K in black 

chanel 23k bags

Chanel 23K bag in white 

chanel 23k bag in black

Chanel 23K Seasonal in Black 

seasonal chanel 23k bag

Chanel 23K Seasonal Bag 

Chanel 23K Release Date

I have heard the release date will be the 12 September 2023. It may also happen on the 15 September 2023. This is the info for the US.

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