Chanel 23K Bags with Prices (EUR)

Chanel 23K Recap with Prices

chanel 23k mini flap

Chanel 23K Mini Flap in Patent Leather ~ 5,200 EUR

Chanel 23K Mini Flap in Patent Leather – 5,700 EUR (Black is more expensive)

Chanel 23K Tweed Bag – 5,000 EUR

chanel 23k

Chanel 23K Mini 22 in Caviar – 4,950 EUR

chanel 22 bag from chanel 23k

Chanel 23K Chanel 22 – 5,500 EUR

Recap Thoughts

I think Chanel 23K has been better received than I initially thought it would be. People are going crazy for the Chanel Kelly bag aka the Nano but I really like the seasonal pieces I have seen so far. What do you think of Chanel 23K?

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