Chanel 22P Pink Bags: The Best Pink Bags From Chanel 22P With Prices!

Chanel 22P Pink Bags – The Best Pink Bags

I wanted to quickly share with you some of the most beautiful Chanel pink bags that I have seen from the upcoming season. There are a few great looking ones and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you to get your feedback.

Chanel 19 in Dark Pink

chanel 19 dark pink from chanel 22p

This pink looks darker but very vibrant at the same time. I am curious about the intensity of this colour in real life. I am loving this colour so far. The price is £4,210 in the UK.

Chanel Mini with Top Handle in Light Pink

chanel 22p mini with top handle

This light pink looks fresh and fun, like a pastel mini that has been watered down a little. I like the tone of this colour. It is retaining for £3,520 in the UK.

Chanel Small Vanity With Chain

chanel 22p vanity

This vanity is quite pricey considering the size but I love the colour way. It’s a bit darker than the mini but with some warm tones to it as well. It is going for £3,400 in the UK.

Chanel Mini WOC with Chain

chanel 22p mini woc

Chanel calls this a clutch with chain but on social media people have been referring to it as a Mini WOC. It’s considered as an SLG. It is going for £2,160 in the UK. Again I love this colour a lot!

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