Copenhagen Travel 2024 – Recommendations & NH Collection Copenhagen Review

Copenhagen 2024

Copenhagen 2024

(Left – View of Copenhagen canal from my hotel, Right – the famous Holme Kirken (Holme’s Church)

I was in Copenhagen and wow, I loved every moment of my stay in Copenhagen. I had so so much fun. I stayed at NH Collection Copenhagen which is a new hotel there. I really liked this hotel. Here are some pictures of the hotel and my review. All pictures in this blog post are mine.

NH Collection Copenhagen Review

This hotel – just wow, words cannot describe how much I loved it. The rate for my room with a view of the canal was 2,500 DKK per night (circa $370 USD, 337 EUR, A$542 AUD, and 920K TZS). I featured the room in my video on my YouTube channel you can go see it there but I really loved every thing in this hotel. The breakfast was really cool with lovely teas and jams. You can pay in cash there (DKK only) and of course card payment since Denmark is a cashless based country but cash payments are accepted as well.

I enjoyed this room so much that I would happily consider staying in other NH Collection hotels around the world. I absolutely recommend this hotel, it has luxury vibes and premium features with competitive pricing.

Louis Vuitton Copenhagen & Hermes Copenhagen Reviews

I took these photos (left Hermes, right LV) at the respective boutiques for the brands in Copenhagen. It’s my understanding both of these boutiques serve all of Denmark. I picked up a beauty item from the Hermes Copenhagen store but I will show it once I am back home. LV was really really nice, it is set across 2 levels. I love the lighting and ambience – they had Capucines, hard sided pieces and exotics. Everyone speaks English as well. Hermes was also really nice and much bigger than I thought it would be as well. They had a beautiful selection of bags including the Toupe and some stunning Kellys as well. I have posted these in my Facebook group as well. I enjoyed the experience at both stores but they are both very competitive. There were queues to enter LV for example despite the weather being 1*C! I was definitely surprised by that but of course LV is so popular so that’s not a surprise. I would recommend visiting both LV Copenhagen and Hermes Copenhagen.

Where to eat ~ Rossopomodoro Illum & Wokshop

Rosso Pomodoro at the Illum department store is where I had this really nice Diavola pizza. Wokshop is a Thai place my cousin suggested where I had a lovely meal and the Aperol spritz. You don’t have to tip in Denmark and again everyone speaks English so ordering at restaurants is a breeze. Really liked both of these restaurants and I would go back if I was there again.

Closing Thoughts

Copenhagen was so lovely and beautiful! It’s worth noting the weather in January is really cold though and this is no surprise. It was around 0*C-2*C at varying times of the day and most of the time it was 1*C. Really important to note this if you are coming during winter time to add more layers than you would compared to Paris & Berlin, two cities I am familiar with but which are not as cold as Copenhagen during winter. I really liked my time in the city and I would definitely go back!

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