Hermes Bastia Coin Purse Review 2023

I received the Bastia as a gift and I wanted to discuss whether you should get it or not. I would definitely get another one in Epsom because I think this leather is very durable for my lifestyle. I know a lot of people like to collect these to look at but I wanted to use mine. I have been using it for a few weeks and I really like it so far.

The Epsom leather is durable and carefree for people who are busy. I think Epsom works well for me and my lifestyle. My car fob fits in here as well in addition to coins that I use it for.

I would like to add more Bastias in pink and green moving forward. What colours would you want? Here are some pictures of my Bastia in Rouge Venitien.

bastia coin purse epsom leather

bastia coin purse in rouge venitien