Gucci AW24 Review: Dark cherry red dreams in a Gucci world

Gucci AW24 Review

Gucci AW24

My thoughts

OK – WOW! The exotics in this collection were definitely a highlight. I am obsessed with exotics so it is always a treat to see them displayed. The canary yellow exotic Jackie really caught my eye and it literally looks like candy (super expensive luxury leather confectionery but still).

The cherry red colourway Gucci calls Ancora Rossa is definitely feeling like a signature colour now after seeing it for a few collections. Some people say it is a cranberry red, to me it reads more like a dark cherry red and I think the dark cherry tones read as more youthful and fun vs darker shades that can be more mature at times.

Gucci seems more mature in this new creative era and I expect to see more tailored looks with the Ancora colourway as time goes on. I miss the logo era of Gucci and hope to see more logo monogram looks soon but I understand why Gucci is going down this direction.

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