Hermes Copenhagen Shopping Report

I am excited to share a new segment on my blog called Store Report. These will be reports and reviews of luxury shops and boutiques worldwide that I have visited or one of my audience members have. I think this will help us make better decisions when it pertains to luxury shopping.

I went shopping at the Hermes boutique in Copenhagen, Denmark in January and I wanted to report back about my shopping experience. I went with my cousin and she took these pictures while we were in the boutique. Here is my experience. Feel free to reshare the pictures just link back to my blog if you decide to do so.

What I saw & What I experienced

This is a beautiful boutique. As you can see on the picture above, there were some stunning pieces on display. I really liked seeing the Bleu Jean Constance on display even though blue is not a colour I like. I also like the white Kelly (I am not sure of the colour) but it is on display in the picture above and it looked really beautiful on the shelf. The boutique itself is quite large and it is my understanding it is the only Hermes boutique in Denmark so it serves the entire country. When we went, there was an SA greeting customers entering and asking what you are interested in. After you express interest in what you want to buy, an SA is paired with you. I wanted to buy something from beauty so the beauty SA was then paired with me.

Hermes Copenhagen Tableware on display at Hermes Copenhagen in Denmark

I really enjoyed the experience at this Hermes boutique. It was much larger than I expected and they carry most of what you would expect to find at any Hermes shop such as RTW for men and women, homewares, tableware and leather goods which are display on (at least the bags are as you know how the game at Big H is).

Bags on display at Hermes Copenhagen

There were a lot of black bags on display in the Copenhagen store. The Toupe (the black bag above the Jypsiere with the skirt like look) is a Blue Box bag. It was interesting to see it on display as I also saw it on display at George V in Paris as well. This display also includes Shadow Cuts and the Men’s Rock Birkin 25 which is also a quota bag. What did you think of the display bags at the Copenhagen boutique?

All in all

This was nice boutique to visit. As you know, shopping at Big H is always nice and pleasant unless you are trying to play the game. I did not ask for a quota bag in the store and had no intentions to so I cannot speak to playing the game in the store however there is a sign at the cashier saying that they cannot accept anything in hopes for anything else (paraphrasing here). It was eye opening to see that sign and I understand why it is here for sure.

If I was in Copenhagen, I would come back to look around and shop again. The profile in Denmark is not connected to my Paris profile so my Paris purchase history was not visible.

If you like my Big H themed content, please let me know so I can continue sharing it.

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