Valentino AW24 Collection

Valentino AW24 Collection Bag in all black leather

Valentino AW24 Fashion Show

Valentino Le Noir ~ Valentino AW24 Collection

This new AW24 collection from Valentino is called Le Noir and it really lives up to its name. It is an all black collection which is a palate cleanser from the now iconic all pink 2022 collection from the brand which had a hot pink Valentino call Pink PP. I loved that collection so much which is no surprise to me since pink is my favourite colour.

This was moody and darker naturally but I am sure it will have a lot of fans because of the exquisite details. What did you like about this collection the most? I think Valentino has top tier clothing, until recently I had not looked at their leather goods a lot but I like the options I have seen in this collection.

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{Images from Valentino’s social media pages & Runway magazine}