Cartier’s new jewellery collection – Coussin de Cartier

New Coussin de Cartier collection

Coussin de Cartier

Coussin de Cartier

What do you think of this new launch? The Coussin watches have been around for a while but this is new jewellery that the brand has released. It looks absolutely spectacular.

I have not been able to find any pricing yet but I saw the official Instagram page respond to a client who asked how much these pieces were and the official account asked them to call the hotline for High Jewellery so I assume this collection will have pricing that is either high jewellery or similar to high jewellery (like the more expensive pieces in the Panthere de Cartier jewellery collection).

The materials used include white gold and diamonds. I love the chunky look of the bracelet which is the larger item and the ring which is the smaller one in the pictures. It looks elegant but still gives off statement vibes. I am glad to see jewellery going back to statement pieces. I will keep an eye out for the prices of these pieces when they come out.

Let me know what you think of these pieces ~ I like them every time I look at them.

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