MAC ‘Twig’ Lipstick – Shopping Guide & Review

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MAC Twig Lipstick Review

Is Twig really that nice?

MAC ‘Twig’ Lipstick is one of those must-haves for every woman because it is literally one of the only lipsticks that works on every skintone. Not kidding – I wish I was because I realise this sounds unbelievable. It’s a mauve-pink that has some brown tones but they are quite subtle. I am dark-skinned and it looks really nice on my skintone, yet I have noticed it is popular with lighter-skinned women as well.

The consistency is creamy and thick – there is something about it that reminds me of what a hardened milkshake would feel like. It does glide on smoothly.

I love the colour and creamy texture of Twig and it is definitely a lipstick that you can wear to work (it’s not too bright) but it also looks good if you want a lipstick to wear on general errands on the weekends.

Twig is a workhorse lipstick shade that will get the job done. I would suggest buying this product if you want a lipstick that can go from day to night.

Is Twig worth the price?

Price: $18.50 in the US, £17.50 in the UK – (MAC is constantly increasing prices guys, get in quick!)

I do think MAC is taking the mickey with some of the price increases that they are doing. The cost of the lippies has increased by a lot. That said, Twig is worth adding to your collection if you want a lipstick that lifts up your look without overpowering you. I do think Twig is a solid purchase because it instantly makes you look good however do this as soon as possible because MAC keeps raising prices!