MAC Film Noir Lipstick Review

MAC Film Noir Lipstick

Film Noir 1

MAC Film Noir is a solid option for people who love burgundy and wine coloured lippies. Film Noir obviously is going for that 1940s theme with the name and colour. I like this colour but I am not wild about it.

Coincidentally, Film Noir is the only lipstick colour that my boyfriend thinks looks good. He hated Heroine so much. I think the reason why burgundy colours are popular with the opposite sex on us is because they have an air of sophistication.

I cannot say that I adore or love Film Noir. I think it will suit you if you like burgundy colours for autumn or in general. The texture feels soft, and the colour is dense like something out of a paint palette. I think my issue with Film Noir is that I am not crazy about burgundy lips in general. I just find that they look too stark at times but I know they are so popular at the moment.

Do you like burgundy lipsticks like MAC Film Noir?

Price: $18.50 in the US, £17.50 in the UK