NARS Exhibit A Blush – Is it worth it for black women skintones?


NARS Exhibit A Blush

This is one of my favourite blushers even though most people sing the praises of ‘Orgasm’ which is the sister blush of Exhibit A. The name is funny yet cute, and it does grab your attention.

One thing I like about NARS products is that they absolutely last for a long time. You can buy the blush and get your money’s worth. Even though they are pricey, you do get value for money. 

You can blend the blusher in well with your foundation and powder so you don’t look like a clown but it does take time to mix it in well with darker skin tones. Look for excellent blusher brushes to use to tone down the rich pigments of Exhibit A.

Exhibit A does look incredibly bright and pigmented in the pan but you use a little every, you will be able to make it look natural and refined.

Price: $28.00

I would recommend this blush if you are already know how to put on blusher without mistakes. If you are new to the world of blusher, it might not be worth it.