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(Latest Update – June 2020)

cartier love bracelet shopping guide

There is a kind of mystery to the Love bracelet. Yes celebrities wear it, and yes the jet-set love showing off their bracelets on Instagram. However, that’s not really why people like it. It has an adorable backstory of how it can never really come off and you need a screwdriver to take it off (even if this is a marketing strategy, it works).

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What I like about the Love bracelet is the pure romance of it. Even if you are self-gifting it to yourself, you can hand it down to your daughters as an heirloom and for the most part, it should hold its’ value as specific Love bracelets aren’t produced in high quantities.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Cartier Love bracelet this year, you have come to the right place and I hope this guide will help you.

How should I decide to buy a Love bracelet?

You should buy a Love bracelet if you fit into the following categories:

  • You are 100% passionate about having a Love bracelet
  • You want a specific style that you can wear every day
  • You can afford to purchase a Love bracelet

The last point is the most important thing to highlight in this guide. The only way you can have a Love bracelet is if you can afford to purchase it. Affording to buy something means different things. You don’t need to pretend that you have money and at the same time, you don’t need to stay quiet if you aren’t happy about how it looks.

Cartier is an interesting brand in the world of luxury jewellery. A lot of customers are from old-world wealth, however, the company is marketing itself more to younger people. If you want to afford to buy a Love bracelet, you need to start saving money early and be focused about how you are saving.

My view is only buy a Love bracelet if you are completely passionate about it. Don’t buy it to show off to others about how much money you have. It should give you joy and happiness every day.

How to afford buying a Cartier Love bracelet

Mastering the finances of purchasing a luxury product from a brand like Cartier is critical if you are going to buy the Love bracelet you want without going broke.

An idea I like for buying your Love bracelet is open a separate bank account so you can save money in a designated account that is only for purchasing the Cartier product. This will avoid you using important personal savings to buy a Love bracelet. One of the biggest mistakes that shoppers make is mixing personal money with money that they want to use for fashion and luxury shopping.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you have an emergency fund account for a rainy day and you also have a savings account. You should not be pulling money out of your emergency fund to buy a Cartier Love bracelet – that is not good money management.

A better idea is to use the strategy I instructed above and ensure that emergency fund cash and savings accounts do not have debit cards on them so you are not tempted to tap into them to buy luxury products.

If you are going to buy a Cartier product, it needs to have its’ own bank account to correspond with the high cost.

Get your financial ducks in a row before jumping into the gilded world of purchasing a Love bracelet. If you don’t have at least $500-$1,000 saved in an account for a rainy day, you should not be spending money buying any Cartier.

Once you have money saved away for your personal savings, then you can treat yourself to a Cartier gift. The last thing you want is to go through a personal emergency with a Love bracelet on your wrist, worrying about money because you spent it all buying a bracelet that can’t get you out of trouble.

Another idea I like for buying a Cartier Love bracelet is match the amount you spend on the bracelet and reflect it in another savings account. For example, if you buy one Cartier bracelet and it costs you $5,000, you should also save another $5,000 to match in your savings account. By using smart financial tricks like this, you decrease financial stress because you know even if your circumstances change, you will have money so you won’t regret your Love bracelet purchase.

Always keep your financial prudential hat on when buying expensive brands especially jewellery from Cartier. As long as you are in a good financial position, Love bracelets are ready for you.

How much do Cartier Love bracelets cost?

Cartier 3

Cartier Love Bracelet Prices

The best source for Cartier prices is from Spotted Fashion. I’ve curated the relevant prices below from this source, but you can also call your nearest Cartier boutique:

  • Pink Gold Open Love Bracelet – $6,300
  • Pink Gold with 10 Diamonds – $14,000+
  • Yellow Gold Love Bracelet – $6,000+
  • White Gold Love Bracelet – $6,000

The Love bracelets that are paved all the way round with diamonds start at $40,000 each. You need to be aware of this because many of the popular Cartier bracelets you see are actually these paved diamond options. Absolutely gorgeous? Yes. Absolutely expensive? Yes.

How to buy in-store at a Cartier boutique

I would not recommend buying via a third-party because of the amount of fakes that exist on the market for Cartier bracelets. Too many scammers and fakers exist. You are better off going to a Cartier boutique and making your purchase directly. The Cartier bracelet price means that you need to be in-store to ask questions and to ensure authenticity.

Different boutiques have different vibes. Some come across snobby, others have better personnel that improve the buying experience. Take a look at one Yelp review for the Costa Mesa location of Cartier:

”The experience was pleasant as Eric was able to show us the exact LOVE collection piece I wanted to purchase for my wife’s push gift. I LOVE how we were seated privately and discuss our options”

Another review of the same location said:

We were the only customers at that time. My friends don’t speak any English. There were at least 4 sales people standing there but no one bothered to greet or help us.  We asked a Mexican heritage sales person to show us some bracelet but he kept talking and laughing with an Asian female sales person.  We ended up walking away without buying anything. Horrible experience

A review of the 5th Avenue Cartier store noted:

”What a wonderful experience for my three-year wedding anniversary!  Mohammed took such good care of us and made sure we had a memorable experience.  He patiently showed me many options and entertained my husband with the history of the Mansion.  He offered us champagne and espresso and was super patient.  I really appreciate how much time he spent with us”

In general, Cartier has a mixed reception for the customer service of its’ boutiques. To be fair, I have worked in retail and I understand that on the luxury end, it is their job day in and day out to know who has money to buy today, and who is just coming to look. So, I’d cut them some slack if you are going to buy the Love bracelet.

No one is under pressure to buy but this is a business after all. They can’t crack open the champagne for you if you are just there browsing.

When going to the boutique of your choice (Cartier calls them Maisons), I would suggest buyers do the following:

  • Dress elegantly – you don’t need to look like a superstar or wear a designer handbag but you should look discreet and elegant. Think Parisian chic – presentation is everything especially when buying jewellery. This is important to show that you are serious without trying too hard.
  • Don’t worry about feeling out of place – you don’t need to be the cool kid in the store. Be comfortable because you are spending your money
  • Ask as many questions as you want 
  • Make sure your credit or debit cards are ready for use – I’d suggest calling your bank a few days before you go to Cartier and let them know you are planning on buying jewellery so they shouldn’t be spooked when you present your card at the store. Sometimes banks can block your card if they see a random $10,000 transaction when the whole time it is you trying to buy your Love bracelet. Avoid this confusion by checking in with your bank before you buy.
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy instantly – No one should force or pressure you to buy today. Presumably if you are reading this guide, you have done research on what you want however if it doesn’t feel right, don’t buy.

Luxury shopping experiences in the boutique vary from customer to customer. I know some staff are bitchy, moody or rude but most of the time, it is because very few people actually purchase a product. Just be confident and yourself and it should be absolutely fine.

I think the Love bracelet is a unique purchase that is loved by many – even though the prices are steep. I hope this guide will help you to make an informed financial choice for the bracelet. You might decide it is too expensive for you or you want a cheaper option. It’s your hard-earned money at the end of the day and you should spend it the way you want but be appropriate and considered in your purchases. Here are some final top tips to remember when buying your Love bracelet:

Cartier Love Bracelet Financial Tips

  • Buy close to a holiday such as Christmas to make the experience feel more special and to give you more time to save
  • Have a dedicated savings account just for your Love bracelet
  • Keep this savings account in foreign currency to avoid being tempted to spend it. I.E if you live in the US, put your Cartier savings fund in pounds or Euros
  • Don’t have a debit card attached to your savings account until it is time to travel for your shopping trip
  • Get a credit card just for purchasing the Cartier love bracelet – and pay it off immediately from your savings account once the payment has cleared

Did this guide help you? Let me know and happy shopping. Remember you can buy what you want as long as you can afford it and you are being financially prudent.

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