MAC Heroine Lipstick Review – Is it a good lipstick for black women?

New Purple Pic 1

Me wearing Heroine by MAC

MAC Heroine Lipstick – Is it worth it?

I took this picture to show the texture of how MAC Heroine Lipstick looks like. I love the brightness and the contrast especially if you live in a sunny climate. It does look amazing especially on deep skintones such as mine.

I do think you need an excellent lip scrub or exfoliator to get rid of flakes on your lips before you put it on. This is because the purple hue will pick up on flakes and it won’t look good if you have bright purple flakes on your lips!

I like Heroine for a variety of skintones but it does look especially good on black women’s skin. Consider if it you want to have a pop of colour in your makeup palette especially if you want to try something new.

Price: $17.50 – Standard MAC Price. I think it’s a good addition to your collection and I can’t think of a cheaper purple lipstick that is as pigmented as Heroine to be honest.

How to wear it – I enjoy Heroine for days out at the local shopping centre, dates with your boyfriend and evenings out with friends.