Christian Dior Big Bang Brown Lipstick – The best brown lipstick in the world

CD 1

Christian Dior Rouge Diorific Long War Lipstick in Big Bang Brown

This lipstick comes on your lips like a silk dress – smooth, glamorous yet light-weight. Dior says it is lightweight and I can definitely attest to this. I love this lipstick because it is one my mum has worn for years and I would always ask her why?? And her answer was simple: it stays on forever, it looks amazing and it feels amazing. 

This lipstick is difficult to find online because it is one of their older colours. You will have to search for it in-store to locate it, better results can be found in Europe in cities such as Paris.

This lippie is the best brown lipstick I have ever tried and I have given many a shot. I love it also for black women and women of colour. Let me know if you have luck finding it and stock up!

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