How to budget for beauty spending without going broke

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Guys let’s face it – you can’t get the beauty products that you love without having money. Now, the issue here is we can’t go broke spending money on beauty products. That’s not a way to live. I wouldn’t say I am frugal but I believe you need to plan and budget for your purchases even if you can buy the lipsticks today, I am not a financial advisor though so please make sure you also follow up on your own. I am going to cover how to buy the beauty products you love without going broke.

Make a list of products you want for the next 2 months

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British women spend around £4,500 per year on their looks and beauty in general, according to research cited in Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine. That’s a lot of cash but it’s nothing new. Women around the world adore beauty products and buy them frequently. You should make a list of beauty products that you want to buy for the next 8 weeks. 2 months works because we all know the beauty industry moves quickly and there are always new releases, including the fact you may finish the product early. You don’t need to buy everything that comes out – just purchase the products that you are passionate about. 

Make room in your budget if you are currently working

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Everyone spends money differently. If you are currently working and receive a monthly salary, you should include purchasing makeup, beauty, hair and jewellery products in your budget after you have paid your necessary bills and debt repayments. Don’t buy beauty products if you have debt repayments that you need to make and you haven’t paid yet. Once you have met your monthly obligations such as electricity and gas, then you can start seeing how you can buy the beauty and fashion products that you want. Beauty spending should be in your disposable income section of your budget. You can allot spending here. It will be easy to add beauty spending in disposable income if you don’t spend a lot of money on other aspects of your lifestyle such as eating out, entertainment and travelling.

Look for beauty offers and vouchers

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Search online and in magazines for makeup vouchers and offers. Do this on the weekend when you have time off if you do like to save money on beauty purchases.

Increase your monthly income by finding lucrative business opportunities

If you are a go-getter, it is an excellent idea to looking for more ways to make money so that you can get the beauty and fashion products that you want. Especially on the fashion and jewellery side, it will require you doing more to increase your income so that you can purchase the products that you are passionate about. Ultimately, if you want something you need to work to get it. For people who are currently working, this can include a weekend side-business or consulting in your free time.

Have a set budget for monthly purchases

Don’t go over your monthly spending. For example, if you spend $100 a month on makeup, don’t feel tempted to spend $110 because then you will ruin your budget. Stay focused so that you can keep your money and enjoy your love for beauty, fashion and jewellery.

Invest in skincare and everyday makeup, not trendy eyeshadow palettes

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Yeah I know – Instagram is full of eyeshadow palettes but unless you live for eyeshadow, it probably isn’t worth it. Purchase skincare products that make you look fresh and healthy or purchase makeup such as lipsticks and mascara that you can get every day use from in order to get value for money.

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