5 Red Nails Ideas to Inspire Your Beauty Regime

Red Coffin Nails!

Guys – I am totally obsessed with these gorgeous red coffin nails. From pillar-box red to dark blood-red, there is something ridiculously over the top about red nails that never goes out of style. Please take a look at these 5 ideas:

  1. Nails 14
  2. Nails 15
  3. Nails 16
  4. Nails 17
  5. Nails 19

I am freakishly obsessed with the first image just because of how rich and vibrant the nail varnish looks. I think red nail polish looks better on longer nails – it looks more modern and young. Jewellery such as rings and bangles lift the look of your nails.

Which red nails do you like the most here? 

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