Is Tom Ford Lip Lacquer worth $54?

TF 1

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer in Universal Appeal

{Price is $54 in the US and £40 in the UK, you can purchase it here}

Tom Ford is one of those brands whose prices are clear from the jump. We all know the prices are sky-high with the clouds. I previously purchased a lipstick from Tom Ford. While I loved the texture of the lipstick, I understand why many people become upset when they hear about prices that are high for cosmetics. The Tom Ford Lip Lacquer is another one that I had and I was thinking today about whether its’ price matches with the quality.

What you need to know about Tom Ford Lip Lacquer

  • It’s really shiny and glossy: This is not a lip gloss for wallflowers. And yes Tom, this is a lip gloss even with an extravagant label like lacquer. I find it goes on better if you have primed your lips before hand.
  • There isn’t that much product: Tom Ford as a brand like to invest in packaging and how the product looks on the outside. In terms of value for money, this is not it because there is not a lot of product in the tube itself.
  • It works better on top of lipstick: I actually prefer the Tom Ford Lip Lacquer as an amplifier to a lipstick that corresponds with the colour that you have chosen as opposed to wearing it on its own. Why? It actually is a bit thin and like a wafer if you just wear it on its’ own.

I think the Tom Ford lipstick is better value for money than the Lip Lacquer. However, the Lip Lacquer’s colour selection is intense and vibrant. Make a decision based on what is more important to you – value for money vs quality.

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