Is the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer worth $30?


Too Faced is one of those companies that is really really good at marketing, though sometimes it can seem like they focus more on packaging and cool concepts instead of the product. However, with the Chocolate Soleil bronzer, I have found a product that I can get behind. It doesn’t have that gimmicky feel that a lot of Too Faced products have. It feels warm, sugary-sweet and it does look like hot chocolate which is never a bad thing. Is it worth a purchase?


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Chocolate Soleil
  • Dark Chocolate (this one is for women of colour)

Is it worth a purchase?

I like bronzers because they add dimension and tone to your face. They bring out chiselled features in your face or you can help create them with bronzers if you are adept at doing your own makeup. I like Too Faced’s attempt to try and add products that can be used by women of all skintones. This type of focus on inclusion that actually delivers in terms of execution is what makes makeup such an exciting field. It doesn’t look flaky and it sets nicely with a primer or when you are doing a full-face of makeup.

Is the price OK?

I think the price is relatively fine because the pan of the bronzer looks big, so there is plenty of product that you can use. Of course, there are always affordable products that you can choose here but I think $30 is a fair price for this super chocolatey bronzer.

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