Hot Trend – Violet Coffin Nails

Nails 15

There is just something about the wattage of violet nails. These are out there nails for women who are not wall-flowers. If you love attention and you want compliment-magnets, violet coffin nails will do the job for you.

Violet Coffin Nails – Not Appropriate For Work?

You can probably get away with wearing these at relaxed work environments like ad agencies and art galleries. You probably cannot wear violet coffin nails during the week if you work for a bank or if you work at a law firm. Of course, if you are a student, violet coffin nails can be worn whenever you want.

I just love the live and let live attitude that these coffin nails have. For more coffin nail inspiration, check out my other coffin nail posts by clicking here and here.

Would you try this colour or is it too bright?

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