Hot Trend – Gold Chrome Nails

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The power of gold chrome nails

One thing that I like about gold chrome nails is that if you are a fan of short nails, the chrome finish will make your nails stand out as if you are a supermodel. The chrome finish doesn’t discriminate against nail length – whether you adore the length of coffin nails or you prefer the compact size of short nails, gold nail polish with a chrome exterior looks razor-sharp yet feminine.

There are many nail varnish brands that do gold chrome or you can opt for acrylics and press-ons. I prefer doing a straight nail polish look because you might not be able to wear gold chrome nails for work every day. I am obsessed with gold chrome nails for night-time looks and they definitely add a spritz of glamour if you are someone who only wears red nails, for example.

Would you try gold chrome nails?

Top tip: If you are going for gold chrome nails, make sure that you use a good base coat and top coat so that the nail polish lasts for a long time. Finish off your look with red lipstick to look 100% feminine and glamourous.