5 Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women in 2019

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These top 5 cornrow hairstyles are so inspiring if you are looking for a brand new hairstyle for the week or the month. I would use human hair braiding hair if you want the cornrows to stay in without itching you excessively. Here are the best 5 cornrow hairstyles for 2019 to get you started:

1 — Cornrows

cornrows on black woman

2 — Cornrows with Bunches

cornrowns on black woman with bunches

3 – Cornrows with a Top Knot bun

cornrows with top knots

4 — Cornrows

large cornrows

5 — Cornrows with Long Braids


Which of these 5 cornrow hairstyles is your favourite? I think I love the one with the top knot the most. It just stands out in a way that is sleek and glamorous at the same time. My top tip for cornrows is to use quality braiding hair to reduce itching.