Top 7 Weight Loss Tips for Women in 2019

top 7 weight loss tips

Top 7 Weight Loss Tips You Need To Know

I have lost 3kg (6 lbs) in a week and I have learned a few new approaches to weight loss that I wanted to share with you if you are trying to transform or sculpt your body. Take a look at some of these weight loss tips that can be integrated without going on restrictive diets. Here are the tips

1 — Dilute soda with water


This makes your soft drinks weaker but it also gives you the sweetness you need without adding extra.

2 — Create 1,200 calorie days

1,200 calories is plenty for women and it is the amount doctors say is the minimum for women to consume. If you want to see noticeable weight loss without starving, stay between 800 to 1,200 calories per day.

3 — Weigh yourself daily

weight loss scales

Daily weigh ins keep you accountable and stop you from bingeing at night when you know you need to weigh in.

4 — Make calorie approximations

I do this by using online calorie calculators. I don’t weigh my food at all – I like making calorie approximations and for the most part, it has worked out very well for me in terms of weight loss.

5 — Have cheat meals or cheat days


You will go insane trying to eat clean for days or weeks on end without fun meals. Incorporate these into your weight loss regime.

6 — Do cardio in the morning

It gets it out of the way and helps boost fat burning before your morning weigh in

7 — Have hot baths or showers before your daily weigh in

Heat has an effect when it comes to helping to burn fat and make your skin tight. Have a hot bath before your weigh in in the morning to see results over time with your weight loss.

Following these tips has helped me lost around 3kg per week without going crazy with exercise though I am exercising. I am super excited to see weight loss while getting ready for my next cheat day LOL.

Following these tips should get you to 3kg weight loss per week depending on your height and weight (I am 5’6).

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