MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review: Is It A Good Red Lipstick For Black Women?

mac ruby woo lipstick

I bought MAC’s Ruby Woo a while ago and I decided to wear it yesterday when I was filming for my YouTube channel. I definitely really like it but the consistency and texture of the matte formula means your lips need to be in tip top shape before. MAC’s cream and satin lipsticks don’t need lips that are super soft before but because the matte consistency seems into the grooves of your lips, if your lips haven’t been exfoliated before, it won’t look as good. So make sure you exfoliate your lips before using Ruby Woo as it really shows your lips imperfections. That said, the colour is vibrant and eye-catching.

Is Ruby Woo a good red lipstick for black women?

Yes – I like Ruby Woo for black women whether you are light skinned or dark. It works for all skin tones but it does require some preparation before hand. Do you have any other favourite red lipsticks for black women or in general? Let me know and check out awesome priced red lipsticks here if you want gorgeous red lips on a budget.

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