Chanel 22P Ready To Wear: Some of the best RTW options from Chanel 22P with prices!

Chanel 22P Ready To Wear Top Picks

Here are some of my favourite Chanel RTW looks available. Chanel’s RTW tends to sell fast even though you should be able to find most of these looks instore. You should check with Chanel about your size as well. Here are some of my favourites with prices!

Chanel 22P Blouson/Shacket

chanel 22p tweed shacket

Chanel calls this a Blouson on the website but it looks like a casual shacket to me. It is going for £5,310 in the UK. I think it will look fantastic with double denim looks, faded denim and dark denim. I love this look!

Chanel 22P Jacket

chanel 22p jacket

Chanel calls this a jacket but it looks more like a cardigan. It is retailing for £3,010 in the UK.

Chanel 22P Dress

chanel 22p dress

This is a cotton dress and it is retailing for £2,880 in the UK.

Chanel 22P Coat

chanel 22p tweed coat

This is a pink tweed coat and I think it looks wonderful. It is priced at £5,250 in the UK. You can check Chanel’s localised websites for other pricing but I will have a Chanel 22P price list up this week for bags and accessories. What do you think of this Chanel ready to wear and the clothing? I think a lot of these pieces look wearable and fun.

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