Chanel 22A New Releases ~ New Chanel 22A Emerald Green, Chanel 22B So Black Trendy and much more

Chanel are releasing a lot of new unicorns and gems in upcoming seasons. Take a look below. I won’t be adding pictures as I don’t want to get in trouble LOL but I will explain as follows below.

Chanel 22A Emerald Green

They are releasing emerald green for the first time since 2018. It will come in 3 variations – a bright emerald green, an iridescent one and a dark one. We should see it in the coco handle, mini with a top handle and classic flaps. I mention the colour code in my video so make sure to watch it.

Chanel 22A Caramel

For 22A Metiers D’Art, it is only coming in the Chanel 19. The colour code is the same as always: NB356. I am curious to know how popular this one will be but of course I know it is going to be a huge hit that everyone will obsess over. It won’t be coming in the classics for 22A.

Chanel 22B So Black Trendy

This is coming for Part 1 for the Autumn Winter 2022 collection. It will probably be in lambskin since the Trendy is exclusively made in lambskin. I know this is going to be a HUGE unicorn so you better get ready.

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