Hermes Price Increase January 2022 – New prices for fashion jewellery and much more

(Image: Vendome MC)

Hermes Price Increase January 2022 Updates

When I was travelling in Paris earlier this month, I was looking at certain products that I was interested in buying and I noticed a few of them went up in price. I can definitely confirm the following because I was looking at them. I will be quoting in Euros unless specified otherwise.

  • Customisable Bastia Coin Purse: New €190, Old €184
  • Mini Kelly Double Tour Bracelet: New €390, Old €380
  • Alligator Kelly Classic Wallet: New $14,800 USD, Old $14,400 USD

Forums and social media also said that the Oran sandals went up in the EU and the Constance Slim wallet. Increases by Hermes don’t tend to be as drastic or as high as Chanel’s however they are still increases so it is worth reporting and letting you know if you are interested.

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