Chanel Price Increase March 2022 // New Price Increase for Chanel

Chanel are having a new price increase for March! These are rumours for now and nothing is fully confirmed. This is what we know so far.

The following products are going up in price:

  • Boy bags
  • Chanel 19
  • Mini
  • Classics (RUMOURED)

My view is that they want to cement the position of the 19 as a classic by increasing the price of this bag. Increasing the price of the 19 will also make people willing to look at purchase the 22 as a set perhaps since both bags are named after the year they were introduced. The Boy bag is one of the brand’s classic designs and it is more than a decade old so they have just decided now

Once I know how much the Boy bag and 19 have gone up by, I will update you all. The Classics rumour is just a rumour for now in Facebook groups so I cannot confirm that as I only heard it in one place. What do you think of Chanel’s price increase for March 2022?