Chanel Price Increase March 2022 NEW PRICES! New prices for GBP, EUR, CHF, CAD │ Boy, Chanel 19 and Minis all go up in prices worldwide!

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The Chanel Price Increase March 2022 has happened! It has happened for a variety of currencies and if there are any updates I will update this page. USD and SGD increases have not happened yet and when or if they do, I will definitely let you know. What do you think of this new increase? Take a look below at some of the price increases across the following currencies where I successfully found prices.

Chanel 19

(The medium is the small; Big C don’t call it small though lol)


-Medium: £4,210 GBP/€4,900 EUR/5,300 CHF/C$6,825 CAD/S$8,260 SGD/$5,700 USD

-Large: £4,610 GBP/€5,400 EUR/€5,840 CHF/C$7,525 CAD/S$9,110 SGD/$6,300 USD

-Maxi: £5,070 GBP/€5,900 EUR/6,380 CHF/C$8,225 CAD/S$9,950 SGD/$6,900 USD


-Medium: £4,365 GBP/€5,200 EUR/C$6,950 CAD/5,460 CHF/

-Large: £4,785 GBP/€5,700 EUR/C$7,625 CAD/5,990 CHF/

-Maxi: £5,250 GBP/€6,250 EUR/C$8,375 CAD/6,570 CHF/



-Mini rect: £3,260 GBP/€3,800 EUR/4,110 CHF/C$5,300 CAD/S$6,410 SGD/$4,400 USD

-Mini sq: £3,090 GBP/€3,600 EUR/3,890 CHF/C$5,000+ CAD/S$6,070 SGD/$4,200 USD


-Mini rect: £3,360 GBP/€4,000 EUR/4,200 CHF/C$5,350 CAD/

-Mini sq: £3,190 GBP/€3,800 EUR/3,990 CHF/C$5,075 CAD/




-Small: £4,040 GBP/€4,700 EUR/5,080 CHF/C$6,550 CAD/S$7,930 SGD/$5,400 USD

-Medium: £4,380 GBP/€5,100 EUR/5,510 CHF/C$6,925 CAD/S$8,600 SGD/S$5,900 USD

-Large: £4,640 GBP/€5,400 EUR/5,840 CHF/C$7,100 CAD/S$9,110 SGD/S$6,200 USD


-Small: £4,200 GBP/ €5,000 EUR/5,250 CHF/C$6,700 CAD/

-Medium: £4,535 GBP/€5,400 EUR/5,670 CHF/C$7,225 CAD/

-Large: £4,785 GBP/€5,700 EUR/5,990 CHF/C$7,625 CAD/




-Small: £6,210 GBP/€7,300 EUR/7,890 CHF/C$10,050 CAD/S$12,340 SGD/$8,200 USD

-Medium: £6,630 GBP/€7,800 EUR/8,430 CHF/C$10,725 CAD/S$13,190 SGD/$8,800 USD

-Large: £7,140 GBP/€8,400 EUR/9,080 CHF/C$11,550 CAD/S$14,200 SGD/$9,500 USD

-Maxi: £7,570 GBP/€8,900 EUR/9,620 CHF/C$12,250 CAD/S$15,050 SGD/$10,000 USD


-Small: £6,510 GBP/€7,750 EUR/8,140 CHF/C$10,375 CAD/

-Medium: £6,930 GBP/€8,250 EUR/8,670 CHF/C$11,050 CAD/

-Large: £7,475 GBP/€8,900 EUR/9,350 CHF/$11,900 CAD/

-Maxi: £7,935 GBP/€9,450 EUR/9,930 CHF/C$12,650 CAD/


Mini with TH


S£3,520 GBP/€4,100 EUR/C$5,700 CAD/S$6,910 SGD/$4,800 USD


Mini with TH: £3,650 GBP/€4,350 EUR/S$6,910 SGD/C$5,825 CAD/


Australian Dollar Increases

I found prices for AUD increases and full credit to Vivvy In Vogue on Instagram as I found the AUD prices from her page. Here they are as follows:

Mini sq: Old $5,925 AUD/New $6,280 AUD

Mini rect: Old $6,250 AUD/New $6,560 AUD

Small classic: Old $12,340 AUD/New $12,960 AUD

Large classic: Old $13,190 AUD/New $13,850 AUD

Tell me what you think of this comprehensive look into the Chanel Price Increase with prices from all over the world. I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts as well.

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