Chanel So Black Trendy CC ~ Coming for 22B!

Chanel So Black Trendy CC ~ Coming for 22B

There is a rumour going around that there will be a So Black Trendy CC coming at Big C for Chanel 22B. There is not much info about the bag beyond the following: it’s coming for 22B which is Part 1 of the Autumn/Winter collection and it will have the So Black hardware. We don’t have any pictures yet so I can’t share right now but this is what I have heard.

I am curious to know how this will do. The Trendy is my favourite bag at the brand but how will the So Black hardware fare at the brand. Will people go for it? I think this will be one of the unicorns for 22B but I would need to see how the hardware looks and I am curious what Chanel would do to the trademark metal plate that is always on top of the top handle section of the bag.

What are your thoughts?

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