Louis Vuitton Tennis Collection 2022 – What to expect, how the Tennis collection will work and how much it costs

Louis Vuitton Tennis Collection 2022

Louis Vuitton have their tennis collection that they will be launching in May 2022. I have some prices I found on Instagram. Don’t forget that this is always subject to change and LV can always decide to go another direction in terms of product and pricing. Here are some of the new releases you can expect to see in the Tennis collection. All pictures are from /vuittonismycat on Instagram.

Launch: May 2022

Micro Metis

Price: 1,450 EUR

On The Go PM

2,300 EUR

Monogram Tennis Charm

595 EUR (Lol the price!)

Speedy 20

1,680 EUR

What do you think of the Tennis collection so far? I am liking a lot of what I have seen. This is just a preview, my video will have the full amount of products but I just wanted to quickly show you want you can expect. The pricing is quite high for products that are not that big. What do you think of this new Tennis collection?

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