Tanzanite vs Zambian Emeralds: Which one should you choose for fine jewellery?

(Full disclosure: my cousin’s jewellery company loaned me the jewels to try on but this is not sponsored or gifted as I just tried them on for 2 hours then returned them and I was not paid to mention them at all).

I got to try on a lot of Tanzanite and Zambian emeralds recently and I wanted to share the experience. My engagement ring is Tanzanite so I am familiar with the stone and I wanted to share how it compared to Zambian emeralds. The company I tried the jewellery on from is called Lavingia Jewels and you can find them on Instagram. All pictures are my own.

Tanzanite Pros & Cons

tanzanite jewellery near champagne glass


*Beautiful – The different tones of Tanzanite are stunning to look at

*Durable – I don’t know why people say Tanzanite is fragile, mine has been through it and still looks brand new


*Hard to find – Top quality stones can be hard to find

*Pricing – Expensive outside of Africa

Zambian Emeralds Pros & Cons

zambian emerald


*Stunning – I love how it looks

*Versatile – It can work in any fine jewellery setting


*It isn’t used as much as Colombian emeralds

*Hard to find


Tanzanite vs Zambian Emeralds – Which should you pick?

tanzanite fine jewellery

Between Tanzanite and Zambian emeralds, it should be about what you prefer in terms of what looks best on you. I love my Tanzanite engagement ring and I think blue looks best in gemstones however now I got the opportunity to try on Zambian emeralds, I also think they are lush and vibrant. Zambian emeralds have a blue tint to them and they have a more rugged edgy look when compared to Colombian emeralds.

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