Paris Luxury Shopping 2023 Tips & Etiquette

I wanted to share a bunch of quick tips and phrases that you can use when you go luxury shopping in Paris as a tourist. I will be there in 2023 so I will have an updated guide ready but this post can be used in the meantime if you are planning a trip there.

Tips to follow

  1. Say hello in French in luxury shops – Just say hello. It goes a long way to being polite. Basically all SAs in Paris speak English and other languages but again it’s polite.
  2. Go browsing in department stores – Service is better in flagship boutiques if you are buying. I find that the Parisian department stores are browsing friendly and they don’t expect you to buy so if you want to browse go to department stores.
  3. Use common sense – Be safe and use common sense. Don’t take unnecessary risks that you wouldn’t take at home
  4. Get your cards approved for huge purchases before travel – Sometimes banks can block big purchases for fraud prevention. Let them know before you travel.
  5. Be clear you are purchasing to get good service – Let them know you are here to buy X. It helps to get better service especially at flagships.

Tonnes of more tips in my video about this so make sure you go check out my YouTube channel for more.

Quick phrases

*Bonjour – Hello. Used during the day. Say hello – it goes a long way. Don’t walk into boutiques or restaurants saying hello in English, it’s disrespectful. Say Bonjour then start speaking in English

*Bonsoir – Good evening.

*Ca va – How are you?

*Parlez-vous anglais – Do you speak English?

Use these tips for a good and fun Paris luxury shopping experience. Follow me on YouTube on Haya Glamazon and my Instagram on @hayaglamazonluxe.