Hermes Price Increase January 2023

Hermes increased the prices for a bunch of products. Here are some of the new prices you should know about:

  1. Diamond Half Pavé CDC Bangle – Old €17K, New €18.2K
  2. Gold CDC Bangle – Old €5,850, New €6,120
  3. Kelly Desordre 25 – Old €9,500, New €10,500
  4. B25 Sellier Epsom – Old €7,950, New €8,650
  5. B25 Retourne Togo – Old €7,400, New €8,050
  6. B30 Retourne Togo – Old €8,150, New €8,900
  7. B35 Retourne Togo – Old €9,050, New €9,850
  8. Mini Kelly 20 Matte Alligator – Old €22,000, New €28,000

This is just a snapshot of some of the prices that have gone up. The price increase in Euros are across the board for most categories and most items. Watches for men and women have also gone up as well. RTW has not gone up as far as I am aware.

Credits for some of the price info from the following IG accounts: je suis delphine, nejhys, life of niels.

Instagram: /hayaglamazonluxe

TikTok: /hayaglamazonluxe