Hermes AW24 Collection ~ The Verrou returns to the catwalk (and spotlight)

Hermes AW24

Hermes AW24

This was an interesting showing from Hermes this season for AW. I find that their autumn/winter showings tend to be the brand’s strongest for fashion week and this show was more of the same – classic neutral outfits for the ultimate Hermes shopper. Here are some of my thoughts of the collection and full credits to Vogue Runway for the pictures.

Muted dark Birkins

Hermes Birkin

Hermes Birkin Retourne

I really like this contrast between the Retourne (bottom) and Sellier (top) Birkin styles.

The Verrou returns to the spotlight

Hermes Verrou in neutral tan colour held by fashion model


I’ve been watching Hermes catwalk shows for many seasons now and normally I watch them on my phone on YouTube. I was very intrigued to see the Verrous in this show. The style is of course for sale in the boutique but I have not seen it showcased this much in a catwalk show. I wonder what this means for the Hermes game? These look good.

Fun fur accents

Hermes Fur CoatHermes Fur Coat Hermes Fur Coat

I had to use a Fendi phrase (LOL) but I love all the fur accents in this show. They look glamorous and fun.

I posted a lot of pictures in my Facebook group (you can join here). The way Hermes views the Hermes woman is wearing a winter fur coat and carrying Birkins & Verrous. The brand is consistent in its vision and the popularity of the stealth wealth trend will help to sell these clothes. What did you think of the show?

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