Louis Vuitton Has Taken The Speedys Off The Website

LV has taken the Speedys off the website? 

I posted a video about how I noticed there are no normal Speedy bags without the bandouliere (strap) on the EU website and UK website. The normal Speedy bags without the straps are still on the US website and they are currently add to cart. What does this mean? Here is what I think.

What this means

  • Stock: Perhaps there are inventory issues before the Xmas period? This seems unlikely for a massive brand like LV to not have inventory of Speedys available for the Christmas shopping period which is a huge time for all retailers and brands.
  • Creating desire by taking something offline: Could it be that this will make more people more inclined to go to the boutique if they know something has been taken offline? Maybe, maybe not.
  • Wanting people to buy more expensive Bandouliere options: This seems more likely because the Bandouliere Speedys are more expensive than the regular ones.

We do know the brand is trying to encourage clients to buy more expensive leather & exotic goods vs the canvas pieces. This may also play into this decision. I noticed this a few days ago and thought I would share my views.

What do you think of this?

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