Chanel 24S New Arrivals ~ Chanel Spring Summer 2024

Chanel 24S New Arrivals

New Chanel 24S Bags and SLGs

Chanel 24S Pouch

(Image Credits @lvcclux2.0) 

My thoughts on Chanel 24S

Chanel 24S looks robust to me and I like the look of a lot of the pieces that are on sale. The collection launches today (1 March 2024). I am curious to know what you think of the seasonal pieces that are available and which ones do you like the most? The SLG pouches are at around $1,600+ USD so this is definitely on the pricier end vs similar items at LV & Gucci. I love the look of the multicoloured mini seasonal flap and the white seasonal Chanel flap with the lettering on the strap – so so cute!

Tell me what you think of Chanel 24S.

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