Is NYX Lip Cream in Havana worth it?


I wanted to love NYX Lip Cream in Havana so much. The pigment looked so rich and delectable in the tube. It definitely looks worth it without a shadow of a doubt. However, once you apply the lip cream this is where the problems start. And no, my lips are soft and not flaky. 

It literally sits inside the tiny lines of your lips like a tenant who is refusing to leave your home. It just won’t budget, and not in a long-lasting glamorous way. More like in a creasing irritating way.

As you layer on the lip cream, the colour doesn’t melt into your skintone. It just sits on top of your skin which only creates more problems for your lips. I do not think the NYX Lip Cream in Havana is worth a purchase which is a shame since NYX does work hard to create affordable beauty.

Guys don’t bother with this one. It was such an irritating purchase. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

Price: $6 in the US, £6 in the UK.