Chanel 22P Price List – Worldwide pricing for New Chanel 22P Collection

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Chanel 22P Price List – Full worldwide prices you need to see

I have collected a bunch of prices for currencies around the world for the new Chanel 22P Collection. Tell me if this is helpful to you or not. I have collected USD, EUR, CAD, SGD, AUD and GBP Pricing.

Chanel 22P Price List – USD, EUR,CAD, GBP, SGD, AUD

chanel price list 2022

*Mini with top handle – £3,520 GBP/$4,800 USD/S$6,910 SGD/AU$6,690 AUD/C$7,500 CAD/€4,100 EUR

*Chanel 19 Small (Blue Tweed) – £3,990 GBP/$5,500 USD/S$7,930 SGD/AU$7,930 AUD/C$6,375 CAD/€4,700 EUR

*Chanel 19 (Seasonal) – £4,590 GBP/$6,300 USD/S$9,110 SGD/AU$9,110 AUD/C$7,325 CAD/€5,400 EUR

*Small Vanity with Chain – £3,400 GBP/$5,200 USD/S$7,590 SGD/AU$7,590 AUD/C$5,425 CAD/€4,000 EUR

*Square Small Vanity with Chain and top handle – £1,810 GBP/$2,450 USD/S$3,540 SGD/AU$3,540 AUD/C$2,925 CAD/€2,100 EUR

*Mini WOC – £2,160 GBP/$2,900 USD/S$4,300 SGD/AU$4,300 AUD/C$3,450 CAD/€2,550 EUR

*Chanel Mini Flap Bag (Seasonal) – £3,570 GBP/$4,900 USD/S$7,080 SGD/AU$7,080 AUD/C$5,700 CAD/€4,200 EUR

*Chanel 19 Pouch (Seasonal) – £1,120 GBP/$1,525 USD/S$2,230 SGD/AU$2,230 AUD/C$1,800 CAD/€1,320 EUR

*Chanel Earrings – £450 GBP/$625 USD/S$890 SGD/AU$890 AUD/C$720 CAD/€530 EUR

*Chanel Heart Earrings – £510 GBP/$700 USD/S$1,030 SGD/AU$1,030 AUD/C$830 CAD/€610 EUR

What do you think of these Chanel 22P prices? Don’t forget to let me know.

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