Chanel 22S Heart Bag – New Colours and Full Price List

chanel 22s heart

(All images from @yuaxchanel)

Chanel has a new heart bag that is coming and if you are reading this blog, you need to go reserve it right now. Here are the details you need to know right now about the super coveted Chanel Heart Bag from 2022.

Chanel 22S Heart Bag Collection Price List 2022

  • Large Heart Bag: €4,800 EUR/$5,500 USD
  • Small Heart Bag: Small $3,400 USD*(This one is rumoured)
  • Heart Clutch with Chain: €3,000
  • Heart Coin Purse/Arm Band: €1,700 EUR
  • Heart Belt Bag: €2,700 EUR
  • Heart Coin Purse Necklace: €2,300

Chanel 22S Heart Bag Colours

chanel 22s heart bag

  • Black
  • White
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Purple
  • Gold

Chanel 22S Heart Bag Options

  • Large Bag
  • Small Bag
  • Belt Bag
  • Coin Purse/Arm Band
  • Clutch On Chain

What do you think of the new Chanel heart bag? It will be launching in stores next month in March however I don’t think that many people will see it on the shelf. It will be reserved in advance for clients who have already put their names down. If you still have not done that, contact your SA now before lists are totally full.

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