Chanel Creates Quota System For Classic Flaps in 2022

Big C has created a new quota system that will be going into effect for the US on the 7 June 2022. Here is what we know so far:

  • It starts on the 7 June, just 2 days before the launch of the 22A Metiers d’Art collection
  • It is said to affect all classic flaps and mini classics
  • It will restrict classic flaps to 2 classic flap bags per year per client
  • For right now, Chanel 19s, Coco Handles, the Trendy and Boy bags are not said to be affected

It’s unknown if this will be rolled out in France and worldwide though I would assume it is likely that they will do a worldwide roll out for this. Chanel is known for trying new strategies out in different markets, sometimes rolling them out and then sometimes scrapping them and trying something new.

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